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We are linked by creativity and open-mindedness when it comes to fashion and for every African woman, fashion includes traditional attires and experiences. There are some things that are indispensable and one of this is the ‘Gele style’. On a sunny day when every woman is ready to head out to that owambe party, there is an unapologetic and practical gele on her head. It’s intriguing how the head-wrap has a smooth effect on our traditional outfits, without it the traditional wear can come off as too ordinary, something that has no spark.

For modern women, the iconic gele is different than it was a couple of decades ago. It’s all about influneced by whats popping in the millennial age. These days, the head wrap has moved from ‘oni le gogoro’ gele styles – extreme volume with no specific shape to ‘Auto gele’ – made to be tied automatically and designed in pleat form. In additional, there are so many brand new styles and fabrics that the head-wrap is made from therefore your choices are definitely not limited.

The gele styles is an extraordinary fashion staple that was created to represent the richness of one’s heritage and the fact that it makes one look so chic and ready in a traditional wear is simply amazing. Indulge some more by taking a look at some of the best gele styles’s we’ve seen this week…



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