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The Slogan “Choose your style and live it” makes the fashion world worthwhile, because we have come to appreciate our styles over time, we have moved forward in adding colors and spices to our native culture. The world of gele head gear is not an exception, it has really evolved from what we were used to.

Gele in Nigeria have served as popular fashion accessories in Africa, mostly West and South Africa. Before now we had it in brocade, African print, silk, paper-like and even in pattern materials. Gele materials and styles are now advanced, it is no longer just a head gear but a piece to complement one’s African fashion sense.

These usually elaborately-crafted headscarves have come a long way, and they keep being reinvented. The contemporary Gele styles are fancier, and in more modern styles, are smaller than usual. The gele fashion has been recreated with more aesthetic designs and styles with vibrant colors.

We now have gele that are hand beaded and woven into sequence, those with scalloped edges, embroidered gele and not forgetting the Swarovski encrusted ones and  the Ascot Geles, modern Geles are fascinating and crafted to look like fascinators.

So much creativity has been displayed by the gele tying creative hands to blend with the well-produced materials to give more creative outlook, by tying the gele into sophisticated, trendy, fashionable and admirable styles.

As you know, gele isn’t a small thing in Nigeria. The new Gele styles thus make it a multifunctional accessory complementing both traditional and western outfits which is why we’ve got this gele styles lookbook….

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