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Owambe parties come in different forms, be it weddings, birthdays or funerals and as a custom in Nigeria and Africa a large, gele is a fundamental part of the attire needed for these owambes.

Gele is usually the missing puzzle to make a complete African attire. As we know gele comes in different styles and designs to suit each season and time. These styles include butterfly, ayaba, abebe, oleku, bow and of course infamous and everyone’s favorite, the infinity pleated gele.

Gone are the days when gele styles were tied using freehand, and then it was all about the height. It has since changed a lot over the years as gele styles now are more structured, uniform and defined.

Owambe guests have been giving us so many gele styles each week. With impeccable make up, these guests with their gele styles have always been able to put together the perfect look.

Just a day to yet another weekend which is sure to be full of owambe’s, if you are in doubt of what gele style to wear on this weekend for owambe, then you should scroll down and see the gele styles we’ve researched for you.


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We’ve got a favorite gele style, what about you? Which of these styles is your favorite? Share with us in the comment section below.

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