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You know how as ladies we use to dream of that perfect family, where we would wake up in the morning, cook food for the family, dress up the kids and receive a peck from our charming prince in the knight armour before stepping out for a new day? You also remember how we dressed up each member of our family individually and how we always got stuck at the point of dressing up and glamming up when it comes to ourselves?

When ladies think about an occasion like a traditional or church wedding in Nigeria, a lot of images come to mind including that of a well-decorated space with a good number of tastefully dressed guests in addition to different groups of women, young and not-so-young.

One thing that is easily noticed about these women is that no matter the style of their clothes or the quality of their fabrics, each woman completes her dressing with a stylish headgear popularly called gele.

Gele is one of the most important aspects of a Nigerian woman’s dressing even though it is difficult for many women to tie. You might have seen glam pictures of Nigerian women donning gele styles littered all over the Nigerian internet space.

Some time ago, Nigerian ladies abandoned using the head piece because of the complication involved in the often long process of tying it but this field of ‘creative art’ is back and better with many appealing styles. So grab a seat and see gele styles to achieve your desired glam look….


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