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Fashion is all about having the right kind of elements. So whether you are investing in a good pair of shoes or some good headgear, you have to be on top of the form. Headgear is  worn on the head for many reason. Reasons for wearing headgear could be various: for protection, fashion, disguise, entertainment, religion, medicine, decoration or distinction.

In the recent past, headgears have come quite into focus. Headgears are now not considered cumbersome anymore. They are stylist elements for your attire and can come in a lot of forms which is why we can’t stop talking about this versatile African accessory, Gele.

Geles are the ubiquitous style element. Whether you want to camouflage your hair, or add some oomph to your dress, Geles can be the perfect style element. We wear fashion accessories from head to toe. No fashion outfit is complete without accessories especially for an African woman without her gele.

It can say a lot about the wearer’s taste style or even the absence of any. It can make a statement about the evolution about human beautification as well as their history and functionality to the African custom and personality. If you are in doubt of the power of gele, then this post is for you.

Scroll down to see African women at their best in gele…


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