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In Nigeria, you would agree with me that all the tribes wear gele (though, some they don’t call it gele). Dressing for a special occasion always starts from the top down; in fact, learning how to tie a gele is something of an essential art form.

Gele glam is the ultimate  statement needed for every owambe now. The gele is a very important part of  Nigerian fashion. It shows style, beauty, grace and pure Nigerian tradition. We never forget our tradition despite the civilization as gele is one of the things people look forward to at every wedding.

The size, the depth, the coloring of the eye-catching and sky-scraping gele carries such undeniable weight. Whether you’re of the Yoruba, Hausa, or Igbo peoples, the gele wrap is a conspicuous presence at major events; it’s ultimately the crowning glory of a Nigerian woman’s traditional attire. Gele can swell in size to maximize the woman’s beauty and style prowess.

There are different ways to tie this headpiece. Tying of gele is an art which is endless and involves creativity  and not many people know about it. It is more than just tying it on your head. The style of gele you wear defines you, your fashion style and how trendy you are. In that same vein, her are some gele glam inspirations for you to see.  Scroll down to see…


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