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Many girls love the gel manicure. They last for at least two weeks. It’s possible that there are mistakes being made when it comes to gel polish. Chances are, you  and your favourite salon are making some of them, too. When applied and cared for correctly, these glossy lacquers are not harmful to your claws at all. These are the gel manicure mistakes that are ruining your nails;

1. Avoiding cuticle oil: Nails are like a sponges so, dabbing on cuticle oil regularly will actually help prolong the time between appointments. If they quickly dry off, it can cause the nail to pull away from the gel. Instead, keep nails hydrated with cuticle oil and you will prevent this from happening.

gel1 Mistake-2-Avoiding-cuticle-oil

Avoiding cuticle oil

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2. Peeling off your gel manicure: You seriously need to resign yourself to soaking your gel manicures off if you are going to enter the world of gel manicures. Why save plenty of time on the application and long wear of a gel manicure, only to peel it off later, making your nails ugly?

You can opt for an at-home removal system like Red Carpet Manicure Remover Kit, or create yours with a acetone solution, if you’d rather take them off yourself. Never you pick and peel. Gels are not what ruin your nails. It’s the removal process, so make sure you take the time to do it the right way.


Peeling off


3. Going to the wrong salons: Be mindful of the technologies that your gel manicurist is using. Finding a reputable salon is especially important when booking a gel manicure appointment.  Older systems involving UV light use bulbs that need to be cleaned and frequently changed. Failing to do so could cause the gel formula to curing improperly, leading to manicures that peel away within days. This also causes damage to your natural nail so, opt for the right salon.

gel3 Mistake-4-Going-wrong-salons

Wrong salons

4. Improper nail prep: It is very typical of some salons to try swapping special nail prep formulae as per, in the ones specifically made for the brand of gel polish they are using a cheaper, less expensive nail cleanser like pure acetone. Don’t stand for this. Improper nail prep results in problems with how the gel cures to the nail, explains Elle. This may very well be the reason you can peel a gel tip off within the first week of a manicure.

gel4 Mistake-6-Improper-nail-prep

Improper nail prep


5. Mixing and matching nail systems: Every gel nail system is designed differently. Each one features its own prep products, base coats, topcoats, and colour. These are all specifically engineered to work together to deliver the strongest and shiniest gel manicure possible. Mixing products from one system or another can mess with the results, making removal particularly challenging.

gel5 Mistake-7-Mixing-matching-nail-systems


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