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It is very amazing to look good as this enables people not only to admire you but it will also earn quite a number of compliments which will put a smile and keep it on your face. This compliment goes a long way to lighten up your mood with a new boost of confidence.

Usually, this amazing look is often achieved after so much planning and brainstorming about what to wear and how to style it. This is the normal norm that entails when we are invited for a party or function. We plan, look for colours and style them just to look amazing, confident and of course picture perfect.

Just like no party is complete without jollof rice, just so is no aso ebi without gele. A fashion accessory that Africans have embraced and loved over the years. Like aso ebi styles which comes in different designs, the gele also comes with its very many creative and innovations style every day.

Searching for gele styles can be a bit overwhelming but there lies the only challenge of planning for a party or event.  Since looking good and amazing is what we live for at Madivas, here are 6 gele styles which defines both looking good and amazing. Scroll down to see….


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Got a favourite in this gele lookbook? Do share it with us in the comment box.

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