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The life of a fashionista is a true dream, something on-lookers always wish for. It’s a fabulous lifestyle, getting to try out different clothes, having to attend fashion events, having to do it all looking like a million bucks every day, every time.

The lifestyle of a fashion girl is really a wish that can come true, and just like everything else in the world you can make it happen.

Who is a fashion girl? The term has become a bit clouded by different types of definitions or opinions. If you go on the internet, you’ll find out that the definition of a fashion girl is someone who doesn’t eat, someone who tries to stay skinny to meet up with the beauty standards of the world etc…

There’s just so much *bullshit* that is been sewed on the internet concerning the matter of defining and giving out the characteristics that a fashion girl is supposed to posses.

I am a fashion girl and I am non of this things and I believe that many fashion girls are non of this things either. To me the definition of a true fashion girl is someone with style and class, someone who loves to have a good time and does so while she looks good.

A true fashion girl is someone who is unapologetic-ally fabulous, she is smart and defines herself through the way she looks. She knows what to wear, when to wear it and where to wear it to. She is not a conformist and does things according to her own will.

There’s no stopping a true fashion girl, she believes in the importance of appearance, she uses it as a tool for success. She follows trends but also finds love in vintage pieces. A true fashion girl also loves to have fun and she dresses to suit this desire.

As a fashion girl in Africa, representing the culture is also an ideal that you should stand for; here’s some Ankara styles for the woman that knows how to be fabulous and fun:


Hello World







Source: Grass_Fields

These are the fun and fab Ankara styles for the true fashion girl…

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