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Turbans have been worn for many centuries, as a way to keep hair-dos intact, to keep the head warm and to suggest modesty or position. It is also a fashion item and nowadays, while headscarves are not as popular as a fashion statement, they’re still very useful and can look glamorous or casual.

The Turban typically covers the hair completely. One cultural significance about the African turban is that African women typically secure the wrap using a knot at the base of the crown which leaves the neck and forehead exposed. Part of the reason for this is to make the facial features appear striking so that anyone that wishes to look upon an African  woman would look up at her face rather than down at her body.

The turban is a staple of traditional black dress; arrays of wonderful turbans, fashionably worn at special events, have now become a fashion statement for the black woman.

In history, this head wrap was hard to come by and therefore usually worn by wealthier black men and women. Now this head wrap is an available garment for men and women of all statuses to wear.

If your idea of a headwrap with the turban isn’t fashion-forward, then you should definitely see this lookbook below….

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