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Wearing any head tie requires quite a lot of confidence.This is because in your quest to look good, you probably don’t know if you gotten it right or otherwise.

Wearing a turban demands confidence. You have to believe; truly believe, in your look. You have to commit as it’s a turban, after all. And if you use hats to hide uncooperative hair or to keep a low profile, the turban is a smarter choice.

The turban has never really vanished, but it has been lying low. Recently, though, this dormant trend has quietly, but assertively, surfaced at fashion shows and on city streets.

Once linked to grannies/religion, the turban has a new association for young women. They have embraced the sophistication linked with glamour of the 1920s and ’30s. From way back, it signified a woman who was very educated and worldly and it sure hasn’t changed now.

For the women who want to try something different, this trend can be the right choice. A style that can transform a simple outfit to however you want it. Whatever way, try it and be confident.

Wondering if you can look the good part with confidence in turban, then scroll down to see refreshing turban looks…


Hello World






Fashion is mute until we give it a voice, you can trust a turban to do some screaming.

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