Tonight leave Bea at home. Or maybe you are a single lady, forfeit the idea of staying home alone watching ‘Empire Re-runs’ whilst dreaming of a beau. There is nothing more exciting than going into the weekend without the idea of having a man hang around you, sometimes all you need are your girl pals, a bottle of champagne and all your secrets.

This night, its time to vibe, its time to be in sync with the ladies. You have to admit that when you are with bea, you tend to forget every other way of life. Now take out that red, purple or pink lipstick and an elevated measure of estrogen, it’s time to be you again.

Hanging out with a ‘Femme Fatale’ group of your own means you have to have some Instagram worthy look for the occasion. Selfies would be popping, snap chat would be vibing, therefore you have to find the best clothing options for this ladies night out. Depending on the type of evening you would be having, maybe its a dinner kind of evening or a sleep over party, or maybe you are heading to the club- just pick up some plush outfit and you are good to go.

Want to get silly on your night out town but still maintain a polished look? Here are some Friday night style outfit ideas for whatever your heart desires:


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Dance, leap twirl, flirt, do whatever makes you happy today; no hold backs just freedom…

Give your thoughts on what you would like to do this Friday night in the comment section below…

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