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What can a single girl do, its Friday and we want to look pretty because as it turns we have a date… Well date nights were not made for single girls only, married or women in a relationship also go out on date’s with their bea’s and there’s one thing we all have in common and that’s the fact that we all want to look super pretty.

Looking pretty is an all round affair, every part of you have to feel beautiful and I mean from the inside out, because if you feel pretty inside it would definitely radiate on the outside. Below are 8 fabulous Friday night style  that would make you look pretty on the outside but remember that an outfit can only do so much, your makeup, hair and spirit have to be on point.

This floral print dress is perfect for your Friday night style because it embraces the beauty of this season and the right color and print gives you a feminine and sweet look.


Akosua Vee

Hello World

This monochrome dress with a mimic feminine shape gives the illusion of a waist in the right light.

Blake Vond

Blake Vond

A wrap dress can be very sexy, this gingham and fringe wrap dress is the right choice if your date is with your husband, its easy to rip off when the time comes *winks*.



Metallic fabric is fierce and it makes a simple style more powerful than it would ordinarily have been if another fabric was used. This metallic 2 step dress is gorgeous and powerful.



Jumpsuits are pretty, cut-off jumpsuits are divine which makes them a perfect Friday night style for your date night.



Jumpsuits are just so pretty and they are perfect for every occasion, for a more simple look rock a light jumpsuit void of cut-offs.


Madison Calley

Pleats are beautiful if the placement is correct, a lovely monochrome pleat gown with cut-offs is both simple and bold and its a perfect Friday night style.


Folake Huntoon

A mid-riff top with a high waist slit skirt paired with a crop top is perfection and perfect for a first date.


Zoe Kravitz

What do you think of this Friday night styles? Leave your comment in the comment box below.

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