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Everyday, they say, is not Christmas as Christmas is only once in a year but in the case of Friday, it happens all year round (that’s like 52 times in a year). Just like Monday is the most important working day, Friday is the most important day of the weekend. It is the most perfect day to get all the fun in the night with a full day to rest it out (in case you’ve got no owambe on Saturday)

No day of the week can ever be compared to Friday. We are all aware of this fact and it’s isn’t up for arguments. The feeling and thoughts that comes with Friday is one of a kind. It is a typical case of turn up to the end.

But with all these feelings and thoughts of turn up comes the thoughts of what to wear especially for ladies. It is quite simple for the guys as they often look ready to go and groove in a crisp trousers and shirt but for we ladies, its a search for the most precise and perfect outfit that gets all the attention and says all the words.

A typical lady would complain of no cloth to wear for a Friday night out with a wardrobe full of clothes. We’ve all been there which is why this article is for the ladies out there contemplating on what to wear this Friday night.

Take a journey through your wardrobe with these Friday night outfits we’ve researched for you…


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Idia Aisien

Cut out


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