Fridays are for parties or resting depending on your mood but if resting is what you would be doing today then this post is definitely not for you. Today it’s all about having a great time, hanging out with your best buds and having the time of your life; however don’t go spending all your salary in one night. Many of you might be home or in the office either way you need a bit of fashion inspiration and that’s what we’ve got for you today.

For us, the idea of dressing up this Friday night involves dressing according to how you feel and depending on where exactly you are headed to so keep reading to find out what style ideas we have in store for you…

To The Club;

Yes we are starting with what to wear to the club, why? that’s probably what majority of you would be doing tonight. For clubs it’s all about choosing style over comfort. Body hugging pieces are definitely a ‘Yes Yes’ as they accentuate your figure and bring out those feminine curves.


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To Watch Black Panther;

‘Wakanda Forever’ the movie black panther is a most watch and a lot of people who haven’t seen it would be heading to the cinema this night and that means you have to choose comfort over style except you want to cosplay which is something entirely different. Pieces that would give you the ultimate sense of comfort is what you should go for since you wouldn’t want any distractions.




To Hang out with your girl/guy pals

Well if you are not watching black panther or hitting the clubs then you are probably hanging out with your guys. This is a mix between dressing extra casual and dressing to show off your bud. You could always go with either choice.



Hope you’ve been inspired by these Friday night style outfit ideas!

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