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Seeing how nice the gele can make a woman look, it is no surprise that every fashionista wants to try adorning these beautiful headgears every now and then. Ankara is very popular this season and many fashionistas are choosing to use this material for their gele. Ankara gele is a great way to look trendy and support the fashion traditions.

But how then can you tie the ankara gele? We’ve got you covered with these few steps….

  • Fold a section of your gele inwards.Make sure your gele isn’t inside out; with respect to the sewn edge or the pattern details, depending on the type of gele it is.
  • Fold three layers onto the gele, around the middle, before putting it on your head. If your gele is short and you have to start tying from behind, do the folds on one edge so that you start tying from that edge.
  • Tie your gele as usual. The folded part should be in the center of your head. As you bring each ‘hand’ of the gele forward, be sure to arrange it in such a way that it falls in line behind the three folds you started with.
  • Try as much as possible to maintain an equal distance between the folds. You’ll easily end up with five layers when you’re done.

Here is an Ankara gele lookbook for your viewing pleasure….

Hello World

Mixed prints

Purple prints

Orange prints

Neon prints

Yellow prints

Pink prints

Got a favourite? Do share it with us in the comment section.

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