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The first day at work is full of mixed feelings, thoughts of how you would stumble between people and projects can be a downer, a lot of us get hung up on what choices we should make concerning our work outfits and that in itself is another downer. Looking at the bright side, the first day of work can also be exciting and something we look forward to, therefore in order for that day to remain as exciting, we must be very careful and particular about the outfits we pick out for our first day of work.

For the first day of work go for outfits that are smart and decisive because first impressions matter a lot and your attire goes a ways to creating a good impression. so what you need to do is dress to match or slightly above the norm in the organisation. Below are simple tips that you can follow depending on what type of work environment you may find yourself:

  1. Opt for comfort, as it is your first day of work and you have no idea what you would be doing all day. You wouldn’t want to wear something that would itch, scratch and keep you uncomfortable all day. Also have a minimal look, no unnecessary accessory or trimmings should surface.
  2. Go for that outfit that makes you feel great, like I said in my What To Wear For A Job Interview Article there are outfits that we feel confident and powerful in and this are great choices when we want to make a great first impression. The same goes for the first day of work, this outfit would surely keep you glowing all day.
  3. Tidy Shoes are important, you should sport your most comfortable and tidiest shoe on your first day of work, avoid uncomfortable pair of heels because you don’t know if you would be on your feet all day, and if you want to sport heels make sure to carry an extra pair of flats along side.
  4. Your basic maintenance is just as important, everything about you must be perfect from your hair, breath, teeth, hands etc you must look well polished, your hair placement must look well kept and tidy. you can have basics like a hairbrush, breath mint, lip gloss, mini make-up bag etc packed neatly in your handbag.

Here are some lovely first day at work look

Stiff Corporate Environment

Skirt Suit

Skirt Suit

Hello World

Pant Suit

Flexible Corporate Environment

Floral Skirt

Floral Skirt


Blue Pant

Creative Corporate Environment

Floral Palazzo

Floral Palazzo



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