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It’s great to have you here again! Today on our relationship segment we would like to look at the benefits of telling the truth in a relationship. Now, some people wonder what would become of their relationship should their spouse find out that secret they’d like kept hidden. So, questions like “will he/she leave me if he/she knows?” or “will he/she still love me if he/she knows?” and the likes arise. Given this background, we’d like to share with you five benefits of telling the truth in a relationship better still letting that secret box go;

Husband and wife in park

Husband and wife in park

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The first benefit of always telling the truth in a relationship is TRUST, telling your partner the truth at all times will build trust in your relationship, not just trust but a strong, unbreakable one. Now, if your partner knows that he/she can take you for your word, then there would never be any reason to doubt you. In fact, when you lie it goes unnoticed because he/she have come to trust you.

The second benefit of telling the truth to your partner, at all times is SECURITY. Everyone in a relationship, especially one where love reigns supreme, needs to be assured of their security. They need to be sure they are truly loved, truly wanted, truly cherished or valued. Telling lies to a partner will never give them that SECURITY. Once they come to know you as a liar, the reaction you’ll always get is “how do I know if you’re telling the truth?” or behind you, they are telling their friend(s), “how am I sure he/she is telling me the truth?” “how am I sure he/she is not doing something else over there?” Truth is, your partner’s SECURITY is at 95% when you tell the truth to them and that is no matter what the story is.

The third benefit, why you may want to consider telling the truth in a relationship is PROTECTION/DEFENSE. So your partner knows you can be trusted, they are secured with you and all, great! You know why? Because now they can stick their neck out for you! Trust me, they will be willing to keep things that way. They will have no time for hear-say, listen to nothing anyone has to say against you or their relationship with you. Then, you hear things like “never! that cannot be my Mr. Y or my miss/Mrs. X.

The last benefit that I have to share, which isn’t the least though, is that telling the truth to your partner reliefs you of all heavy burden. You may not know it but keeping secrets in a relationship is a very heavy weight. You are never at rest. The next minute your partner opens his/her mouth or acts up, you’re thinking “does he/she know?” But the moment you know you have nothing hidden in your cupboard, dear Sugar, you’ll fly like a bird. You’ll freely express yourself without reservation. Telling your partner the truth or that little secret will further  proof one of two things, you’re truly loved and can be forgiven or you’re not for that person and you both might have to move on after the revelation.  That thing you are hiding from your partner might be the Litmus paper to test if indeed you are meant to be. So, please share it and see if you are really meant for each other or the partner doesn’t deserve you. After all, when you truly care for someone, their mistake will never change your feeling towards them.

So, you see…telling the truth and only it, in your relationship is the best truth be told, there is no perfect individual anywhere in the world and so there is no perfect relationship either.. Well, am sure the benefits are limitless. So add yours to our list and let’s make that relationship work!

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