I used to and still love dancing and I was also in a dance group but all that changed later on, I became lazy, uninspired and I rarely danced. I remember I could do a mean waist twist back in the day but the truth about a hobby that is halted is the fact that it’s relatively tough to get back on track.

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Somehow down the line I found the urge to dance again, this time I moved because I needed to shed some weight and I generally wanted to feel light. This motivation led me to Keaira Lashea’s  Abs dance work out video and her Afro beat Routine fitness dance video, doing this dance routine helped me a lot, although my body arched but some how it was fun and healthy at the same time.

Many people don’t know or understand the importance of dancing, some attribute this to jobless or over happy people that don’t have a life so all they do is dance, if only you know the essence of throwing your hands in the air or swinging your hips. Even twerking and poll dancing have the same benefits.


Much like swimming dancing is an exercise (something we repeated every time when we were kids) here are the benefits of shaking your booty and doing the stanky leg;


  1. Dancing is a fun way to loose weight, there is nothing as cool as being able to move your body to Omawunmi’s shomori (or your favorite gbedu) and still loose weight. Its just amazing and its one of the best ways to loose weight by any recommendation.
  2. Moving and taking different forms helps to tone your muscles which in turns gives you strength, flatten your stomach and helps make the weight loss process faster.
  3. Bad posture can be damaging health wise, hours of working in front of computers have left us hunched which slowly weakens our spin, leaves us stressed, impacts confidence and prevents breathing but some form of dancing like rolling of shoulders etc helps to protect and give us better posture.
  4. Flexibility and balance is another important benefit of dancing.
  5. Somehow with dancing you have a stronger kinesthetic awareness, this means you know and understand your body.
  6. Just like running, dancing is an excellent way to change your mood.

Having fun and developing a toned athletic body, pure perfection.

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