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Am still not tired of the lovey dovey feeling and the wedding topics and talks, so I went to a wedding yesterday and was not pleased with the look of something, its quiet sad that a couple would pay for the services of vendors and they come with a terrible presentation. I mean who does that? at this wedding the caterers,small food vendors did not care the least of how and what their food display looked like, to mice word the presentation was awful, it turned a lot of people off and by so the food wasted and people went home without eating. The couple felt very bad finding out that this happened as they have poured out a large sum of money to trying to ensure that every one is satisfied.

So couples i think its essential that you enforce the proper presentation for the food and others small foods that are coming to your event. Here are some pictures of some presentations you can work with to avoid vendor ruining your special day.

1. It is important that the main meal for your occasion is properly placed in shaffing dishes, an individual kind of meal to its own dish, and its placed neatly.

Good food presentation

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2. Fruits can sometimes be irritating if its not placed properly, and it should be presented in a very neat way as germs can get to them easily.


Good fruit presentation

3. Small food needs to come in a very inviting way as some people are not used to it so its the look that would make them want to give it a try.


Good coconut candy presentation

4. Fries food like suya and all can easily come in contact with sand and dirt, so if care is not taken it would be awful and not be edible.

Good suya presentation

In all couples its very important you ensure neatness for all your vendors and sing it to them about how you are particular about the right presentation.

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