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Wedding invitation in hand, now whats next? Well darling its time to start planning because you need to because after-all you want to be the second best dressed at that wedding right? Yes I guess you want to but there are a few pointers you must take note of before you find that flattering wedding guest styles outfit;

Invitations always contain a bunch of necessary information, I say necessary because many of us have the tendency to scheme through without actually paying close attention to the details started on their. Invitations give you direct information and a clue on how to dress, the theme and whether its a formal or informal event. All of these information is what to need to enable you find the right outfit.

If you decide to attend the wedding then you have decided to do things in a way that would please both bride and groom and one of these things is making sure you commit to the theme of the wedding, therefore if you were not able to get an aso ebi package then you should at least try to get an attire that matches the one color that the celebrants have chosen.

The venue as well as their cultural and religious have to be kept in mind; an example- if the couples go to a church were their heads need to be covered then you should do well to have a veil with you also when it comes to the venue this would help you choose the right length you need for an outfit.

There are so many more tips we could dish out but lets put a cap on these one’s as we believe they are quite important, also you need to make sure you choose something that you are comfortable with. Now lets take a look at these flattering wedding guest styles shall we:


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Flattering wedding guest styles… Be Inspired!!!

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