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The Weekends are the days we live for, that’s when we get to do all the things we couldn’t do during the week and its also the time to get ready for a brand new week so having everything perfect is an absolute, there’s a but. Imagine grooming your nails, taking time to ensure your nail grows to a length where you can put on amazing nail polish and flaunt it and then something happens, say the door got jammed or something that requires you to pull hard and when you do, there goes a crack on your nail, this situation is so annoying that the only option is for you to file down your nail and the rest as well so they would look equal. Well as it turns out there is a solution for cracked nail and this is what you will need;

  • A paper tea bag.
  • A very good base Coat.
  • A fine-grit nail file.
  • The nail polish you want to use.
  • Scissors.
  • A really good top coat.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • If you had nail polish on then, start by gently cleaning them off.
  • Remove the leaves from the tea bag, then cut out a rectangle shape according to the length and width of your nail at least half way.
Tea Bag

Tea Bag

Hello World
  • Apply your base coat, allow it to dry for a bit then cover with your tea bag, press down flat make sure there are no bubbles.
  • Once the polish is dry apply another layer of base coat and watch as the paper turns translucent.
  • After the base Coat drys, file any excess paper off then apply another layer of base coat.




  • Take your nail polish and paint when the Coat is completely dry finish off with a top coat.
All Done

All Done

Viola!!! You can’t tell the difference between those nails.

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