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I thought to share this with you, its a food for thought you need to think about over the weekend. Its a new year and am sure a lot of you made new years resolution but you see making a resolution doesn’t cut it unless you are willing to work on it. I didn’t make a resolution but I reminded myself that I had to be more productive.


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Productivity means getting stuff done, being able to do things and filling fulfilled about it rather than procrastinating forever. Don’t feel bad if you struggle with task management rather acknowledge your struggle and work towards a better way to tackle your projects and responsibilities, hence figuring a way to get out of your bad habits.

There is of cause the endless struggle of trying to figure out what it is you want, and what exactly you are doing but there’s a saying that goes “It’s less about doing it all rather its more about knowing what you are doing and doing it well”.

Here are five questions you should constantly ask yourself at the beginning of any project or responsibility you are about to take on;

  1. Who is responsible?  No man is an island and there are some things you just can’t take on alone so you need to know if its something that you should delegate or do on your own.
  2. What does the project entail?  lack of understanding leads to a lot of hiccups along the line so before you face a project you need to have a strong understanding of what you are doing and this means gathering all of the necessary information you’ll need.
  3. How would you execute it? Mapping out the different stages of your project and identifying priorities early on in the project can keep things well organized and timely.
  4. What is your time frame? A due date helps a lot of people stay on task, figure out a time line then break those timelines into section to keep you on track.
  5. Why are did you take on this project? Pause and ask yourself why you took on the project? Who it helps? what goal is it helping to achieve? these thoughts would help you connect with your project, it would give you meaning, you would be more enthusiastic and energized.

This are the five questions you should ask before taking on a project but note that a project might be in your personal or work life either way this are the questions you need to ask.

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