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Few weeks back I put up a butt work out without weights video and the feed back I got was hilarious, many of you couldn’t make it till the end of the video. Now am not a fitness guru or work out junkie but believe me when I say exercising for whatever reason is good for you health and body wise.

For those of you who are wondering what cardio means, it is short for cardiovascular exercise, The cardio exercise aims to make our muscles stronger in which process we burn fat. Cardio workouts include; swimming, biking, running, rowing etc. Cardio workouts should cause moderate sweating and you should be able to finish a statement but if you can’t then you are going to had.

Now a 10 minutes workout is good but if you want the best you need a 20 minutes work out, three times a week to give you an elevated level. Cardio exercises burn fat and reduce the rate of heart diseases, they strengthen your body and make it more efficient.

Dance with Keira Lashea in her 10 minutes cardio dance abs workout


Hello World

You don’t need a gym to be able to perform this exercise, now gear up ladies this cardio dance abs workout should be fun.

Phew, did you feel that this cardio dance abs workout is definitely worth it because its fun and spirited

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