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The fashion tides changes from time to time, one is never exactly sure but when it does it makes itself obvious. In Nigeria the fashion tide probably changed for the best about seven years ago and we are in love with the change although fashion really boomed all over the world in 2014, this year there was just too many great styles and thanks to instagram things became much more pronounced.

The Nigerian fashion industry just like every other country was affected by this tidal change. Today in 2017, the reflections of this boom plus the recession has affected our style and fashion SENSE drastically. This drastic effect isn’t a terrible but a good thing and it’s only perfect that we’ve actually welcomed and are taking keen interest in our own fashion universe which is filled with talented individuals who use the Ankara fabric to create elegant and chic styles. We were on the brink of a break through at one point in our history and now that we’ve finally pulled through we’ve only realized how important it is to support our own.

Female native wears used to be worn on Friday only but that was ages ago, now it’s an everyday thing as you can wear the Ankara style anytime you like, and not just that you can wear it to work too or any other function you can think of you only have to have a good style and of cause a good tailor/fashion designer.

While there would be a post about floor length native wears soon, that day is not today. Rather than show you styles you can only wear to certain place and for certain functions, I would rather show you styles that would evolve your current fashion. Here’s the female native wear that I think you can pass off for an everyday look;


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Aren’t these styles great? I know right but first I need you to tell me your favorite look in the comment section below.

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