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Kim Kardashian, the queen of contour has made contouring a huge makeup trend recently through sculpting and highlighting areas of the face. Contouring is said to make your face look thinner and more symmetrical. It has become so popular that searching for ‘contour tutorial’ on YouTube give you as many results as possible.

What if you were told that there is something new you need to contour? Well, your feet are next in line. The question remains if foot contouring is worth the time and effort required, and who on earth is looking at feet so closely that they would even notice? I guess this is ideal for ladies who do not like how love their feet; the feet could be probably too wide or even fat. Simply put, feet contouring is the new crazy beauty trend you need to follow now. This makes your feet slimmer. You do not have to belong to the category of ladies who are not in love with their feet. You just have to beautify your feet in this way. There’s barely a noticeable difference between contoured and non-contoured feet. Here are simple feet contouring processes;

Start by applying foundation all over the feet to even out colour, and then a cream contour colour to sculpt the toes and sides of the feet.

foot cont1 step by step

Step 1

Hello World

The second step requires the blending of contour, after which the highlighter is being applied to the tops of the feet.

foot cont2 feet on fleek

Step 2

This is followed by a brown cream contour colour which is applied along the sides of the feet and on each toe.

foot cont3 bauty

Step 3


Create the slim look now by following the new crazy beauty trend of feet contouring!

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