i hope everyone is having a great day. i’m going to discuss one trend which i love so much and really cant get over. Hats generally bring a cool vibe to any outfit you are wearing, but Fedora hats take it to another level by adding more swag to your look. It not only helps when you are having a bad hair day…well we know almost all women have being in that situation at least once in our life. It helps to transform an outfit totally.

Ada looking very chic


Hello World

Don’t we all love how chic Ada looks? well i do… The fedora actually made this look complete and fab. This is one way you can pull off your fedora without trying too hard. if you can’t get the appropriate jacket like she has on in the picture you can get a very chic crop top or tee and the right pair of jeans and you are good to go! what really matters is purchasing a fedora that actually suits your face.

Patience  looks simple and classy


Patience shows us another way we can create that simple but classy look with the fedora by pairing it with a white dress, a jeans jacket, simple statement neckpiece and her sandals. This look would have just being a regular look but the fedora actually made it more fashionable.

Tracy Dirisu

Tracy Dirisu

oh yes!! i totally love how she paired it with the ankara print trouser and her top. i know many had no idea that you could pair the fedora with the ankara fabric. all that really matters is knowing how to appropriately style it to bring out the best result.



Another way you could pair the fedora is by going for something very easy. you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard to make a fashion statement. i love this look so much because you could wear it to the mall, for party and be appropriate for the occasion. I always advise to go for a neutral colour when purchasing a fedora because it goes with absolutely everything

Onyinye  glams with this look


The fedora makes Onyinye’s outfit different from the normal jacket and jeans look we always see. It makes it more classy and chic and we should definitely try it out whenever we want to try this look.

Nikki brooks

Nikki brooks

Asides the fact that i’m a big fan of the jumpsuit, i love how Nikki pairs her jumpsuit with the Fedora. This would have just been a regular outfit but she made it more glam with the fedora

i hope everyone is already gathering their money to go get the Fedora hat? and i hope you totally love this post. i’m glad i get to share tnis amazing tips with you.

Have a great day! xoxo Thonia

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