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People are turning to prints, patterns and colours to form their identity; this is one of the reasons why the level of details that are shown and the thoughtfulness each creator put’s into their designs can be seen, clearly there has been an upgrade in fashion delivery and we are here for it.

Below we’ve curated some looks that we know you would love, they fit right into the trend category and we find that they are very inspirational.

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Toke Makniwa


Hello World

There’s something very chic and adorable about this look, you can tell that she’s truly into owning that classic feel especially with the way the print just adds a bit of texture to her overall appearance.

Doyin Samuel


If you were into the pink and red as a mix then this is a more glamorous way to do it; the brown bag adds that bit of balance to the look and the white shades gives it more spunk.

Stella Uzor


This is a work inspired look but more for a casual environment but you could wear an ensemble like this on a date night out with le boo.

Powede Lawrence

I love how incredibly well she wore this piece; usually I run miles when I find fabrics like this because they are just too… if you know what I mean but Powede makes it all worth while.


Chinyere Chi-Chi Adogu


This look is true to the core of what monochromatic style looks like; the head to toe purple combo makes our eyes water just at the sheer joy of it being achievable.

Jennifer Oseh


Trust Jennifer to always pull off the most incredible combinations; there are just so many ways a girl can look fantastic in something exaggerated and the stylish just proved this.

Be Inspired!

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