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How is your Tuesday going people, hope the Monday stress and headache has piped down, so we noticed that there are some fashion myths out there that restricts people from expressing themselves in what they wear, hold up, hold up hope you get the drift of what a myth is, a myth is a widely held but false belief or idea, in this case of fashion, a myth is that rule that says you cant wear this or that, people let this rules guide them in one way or the other and restrict themselves from wearing whatever they wish to wear, here are some fashion myths that you should break away from, run as far away from as possible.

1. Myth says that maxi dress are for tall people,and that long dresses are not  for short people. truth is petites do not need to have any fear about the maxi or long gowns all you have to do is, choose a dress in light fabric and with a comfortable wedge.

Maxi dress

Hello World

2. Myth says avoid clashing colors, it says combining colors is a fashion no no, it is wrong and this should not be done by a fashionable woman, but truth is, unexpected color combination can make a major statement, it can be so beautiful, playful and adventurous

pop of color

3. Fashion myth used to have it that denim on denim is a no no, but we all know that denim on denim is the new fashion YES and its a whole lot of classy. All you have to do is express yourself and you can accessorize with whatever, you can wear a heeled shoe, an all stars and can add touch of any color you wish, denim on denim the fashion must.

Denin on Denim

4. Myth says leather skirts are only for bikers but truth is you do not need to be a biker to rock this, you can wear your leather skirt to any occasion and you can wear it on any color. Leather skirts has a different feel it adds to your look, no hold backs on leather skirt people.

leather skirt

5. Your bags must match your shoes, its not necessary, if you want to do this fine, but you do not have to abide by this order every single time you dress, as a playful mix of accessories always elevates a look

pink bag and a white scandal

6. No mixing prints or patterns is another big fashion myth, its known that when you mix print or pattern you have committed a fashion blunder, but truth is that you can mix prints on prints and still come out looking super classy and fashionable, no error whatsoever  committed here.

pattern on pattern

These are some fashion myths you should run away from do not let them hold you down at all, express yourself and dress to make you comfortable and happy.

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