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I hope your day is going well? These days, people don’t care if certain outfits are in vogue or not they just pull different pieces from their wardrobe and set certain trends that so many people follow. Some outfits that would have been considered wardrobe malfunction, has been embraced overtime. Sometimes I go through my Instagram page and i see certain outfits and would be surprised that many people would really be in love with. Everyday, people commit a fashion faux pas and its impressive how the outcome is. Sometimes I wonder if some should be considered fashionable but well when you are happy in what you wear and can define it in your own way, its okay. Below are major fashion risks you should see.

Hmmmnmn! Is the first thing that came to my mind when i saw this, this is definitely afashion faux pas.Who knew your regular neck piece could be worn as an alter neck. She paired the accessory top with an high waist Ankara trouser.Would you try this look?well, she looks very comfortable in the outfit and she definitely not scared to show off her own style.

fashion risk 1

Hello World

Uzzy committed a fashion faux pas by wearing a robe over a T shirt and trouser, she completed this look with socks and shiny shoes. I know everyone is thinking are robes not meant for the bedroom? i believe if you can pull it off like she did then there’s no problem. Its funny how she still looks very chic whilst in bedroom robe. Her glasses are adorable and we all know how box braids are a girls favorite.


Who knew you could wear a hoodie, scarf,a galaxy print like she did?she completed this look with boots, her fringe bag and we definitely can’t ignore her reflector glasses. I’m glad we are now trying so many unpredictable combinations.That’s what fashion is all about.

fashion risk 2 reflectors,boots

This damsel is wearing a graphic T shirt, a janties, socks and boots. This is a major fashion risk because wearing socks with an outfit takes a lot of courage, I’m sure many people would definitely not try this out.

Fashion is what you wear and style is what you create. Whatever you are happy and comfortable wearing, you should but don’t go overboard all in the name of creating style and fashion, be very creative and do whatever makes you happy.

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Have a great weekend.xoxo Thonia

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