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Wedding day for the couple ought to make them both happy but the perceived importance of wedding traditions have made weddings generally boring. These wedding traditions have made it seem like the wedding has to follow a series of arranged pattern, and if you fail to follow them then you are breaching the supposed rules that guide a perfect wedding ceremony.

Well, you should know that your wedding ceremony is all about you, so do what makes you happy. You don’t have to follow traditions that doesn’t appeal to you. These wedding traditions are there to guide you but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should follow everyone of them.


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Wedding traditions ranges from what you wear to your seating arrangements at your wedding, Here are some of the wedding traditions you should skip if you want to:

Your wedding dress has to be white

It is your wedding, so you should look lovely in your wedding dress whichever colour you choose.

Your wedding band has to be the same with that of your fiance

Wedding bands are symbolic to show that you are married, once anyone sees a ring on your fourth finger they are already aware that you are married. you can get a totally different ring and engrave it to make it special.

Your guests must be seated on two sides

 This is a tradition that states that the bride’s family should seat on a side and the groom’s family and friends should seat at different side, it could be a nice idea but allowing your guests to sit together makes everyone feel at home altogether.

Your bridesmaids should wear matching dresses

 It is not compulsory that all your bridesmaids wear a matching dress, there are different lovely ways your bridesmaids can dress and still look nice.

You can only have two wedding colors

 You can have more than two colours for you wedding ceremony, the trick is to make sure they work together by using multiple neutrals or colors in the same family of shades (think: pink, orange and yellow, or a palette of white, cream and blush).

What other wedding traditions do you know? Share with us in the comment box.

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