People show trust or confidence in various ways; it’s either they attach their beliefs to a Supreme being they feel is in control the universe, or open up to friends, family and colleagues, depending on the major area where one wishes to show that.

The reverse is totally the case here, as I’d love to top up on my trust level which is simply ‘Trusting your sleep for beauty enhancement’. Truth be told, effectiveness in any task comes as a result of absolute devotion thus, how you sleep determines how pretty you would look the next day. In other words, beauty goes beyond make up  and daily beauty routines.

Sleeping beauty

Sleeping beauty

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Aside sleeping for a minimum of eight hours a day, creating that fantastic heavenly bedroom environment and making it an oasis for relaxation, the following are sleep positions you never knew could enhance your beauty;

1.Strategic body arrangement; Sleeping on your back is the best sleeping position, as creases or wrinkles won’t be made on the face, since your face does not have to touch the pillow. Do well to prop up or elevate your pillow so as to reduce under-eye puffiness as fluid drains from the face.

2.Non-squishing of oneself into the pillow; Squishing your face into a pillow over a long period could be compared to ironing wrinkles on your skin. This would leave you looking like you fought with a tiger all through the night, as wrinkles would be all over the face. Be sure to use a silk pillow case as it provides extra sleeping, preventing hair breakage and wrinkles formation.

3.Avoid being a side sleeper; Side sleeping equally causes wrinkles on the face as your face is kept directly on the pillow. Habits could be difficult to stop, but the earlier you try stopping this, the prettier you would truly become.

Remember, sleep is a natural beauty tip; it doesn’t really cost a thing.

Trust me on this beauty devotion bae! It works.

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