We have experience when it comes to picking out fantastic Ankara styles. Let’s just say it, when it comes to Ankara styles, Nigerians do it better. You find yourself looking at photo’s from Lagos “It” girls and wondering how they look so utterly in Ankara perfect all the time.

The style rules these women live by are simple and we break them down in this post… Lets take a look shall we;

Ankara Styles | LOOK-BOOK

Willingness To Try Something New– As much as we love our staple, once in a while we have to do something bolder and better just like Nikki below.


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Be Bold With Your Choices– Fashion forward women always take style risk and they mostly pay off, if you share away from leaving your comfort zone you wouldn’t achieve much.


Hang Around Friends That Inspire– Fashionable women love fashionable women like themselves because this gives them the inspiration they need to conquer the industry.


Modest Fashion Is Glam– It’s not every time you have to show off some skin, sometimes covering up can also be ultra-chic.


Define Trend Your Own Way– Trends are personalized, just because A is wearing something a certain way means you have to wear them too, you can always do it differently.


Textures Add’s Fire– Fashion can never be bland, if it was it would not be a billion dollar industry therefore always try to glam up your pieces and the easiest way is adding additional textures.


Pretty Girls Rock– It’s scary how fashion can give you so much confidence, as a pretty girl you have to own and master your look.


Accessories! Accessories!! Accessories!!!- They always add definition to your look, if you don’t want to come off as laid back but you want to be a little bit grande then the right accessories can take you there.


There’s no doubt that these guides along with the fantastic Ankara styles look book would take you to the next level.

Be Inspired By Fashion!

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