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The gele is a necessary accessory why do I say this? well think about it, the gele contributes and acts in a complimentary manner as a part of an individual’s look. The gele of cause only works best with a native wear and a native wear without a gele as attachment just seems wrong.

Rola Otems

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Fashion accessories are specifically meant to enhance a person’s look and thus that’s what the gele does however sometimes tying the gele can be very daunting. There are only a few people that can actually tie the gele very well on their own and so the rest of the world have to rely on the help of MUA (makeup artiste) that learnt how to tie the head gear as part of their skill, or others rely on friends and family members or some other people that are specialised in tying the gele. There’s nothing wrong in getting people to help you out with the tying situation the only problem is the simple fact that many want to be able to do it by themselves.

Of cause many of us are closet creative’s, we love to learn how to do things ourselves, in short DIY is our middle name and once we are unable to learn a particular thing we begin to feel like there‘s a void. Well if you’ve been wanting to learn then click here first to learn See The Beginner Friendly Way To Tie Your Multi Pleated Gele.

Rola Otems

Once you’ve done with the first step now you can move on to much more tasking gele styles like this Fan gele. The fan gele is not really a new style but somehow it has found its way back into the lime light so we believe that this Fan gele tutorial is for intermediate learners;


Source: Rola Otems

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