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I woke up this morning and I knew I had to figure out a way to fall asleep faster, why you ask… Well lets just say, I found it really difficult to sleep last night, for no apparent reason, although I wasn’t too cranky when I woke up, I wasn’t as refreshed as I wanted to be. While looking for ways I could fall asleep faster (just in-case) I realized that I actually know people (like my sister) that deal with slight insomnia. While my friend N falls asleep in the middle of a conversation my other friend M sometimes finds herself laying awake staring hopelessly for hours because she just can’t seem to fall asleep faster.



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If you are worried that you don’t snooze fast enough then don’t worry you can fall asleep faster with these life hacks;

1. Turn off or Dim The Lights

Your body produces a hormone called melatonin which tells your body when its time to take a nap, but bright lights can make your brain deduce that its not quite time. So turn off or dim the lights, this is the fastest way to tell your body, “its time to go to sleep”.

2. Put Off Your Phone

Phone’s are distraction’s because all you do is scroll on Instagram, Facebook or visit Nairaland for the latest gossip (am talking to you, you know yourself). Tomorrow morning is another day, but right now you need to put off that phone and sleep.

3. Hot or Cold?

The room temperature also has a positive or negative effect on whether we sleep or not. If you have your air conditions on then it should be at 65 degree’s.

4. Clock Face-Down

Is there anything more taunting than staring at the clock? Well try to turn the clock away from you so you don’t have to stare into it. Shield yourself from the pressure and the glow.

5. A Bedtime Routine Works 

Sometimes you might be too restless after a long days work, in comes a routine. Doing things like washing your face, having a shower has been proved to cause the rise and fall of your body temperature triggering a sleepy feeling.

Other things you could try to do include, wearing comfy sleep clothes (or sleeping naked if that’s what it takes), meditating, exercising either physically or mentally etc. Am going to try one of this next time I can’t seem to find sleep, would you?

Fall asleep faster with these life hacks, do you agree? Yay or Nay… Leave your comments in the comment section below.

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