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The Ankara style trend is arguably the best thing that happened to us in Nigeria and right now its the best thing that has happened to our fashion industry. With the fall of the Naira it was time to begin to checkmate our expenditure, it was time to begin to “BUY NIGERIA” and the first place that received this boom was none other than the fashion industry.

Fashion is a way of life, who would we be if we didn’t dream of looking great everyday? Because we want to make this dream come true we reach out to purchase clothes that we know would bring it to a reality however when the dream becomes expensive we need to redefine that dream and that’s exactly what has been happening.

We can’t say that the Ankara fabric hasn’t been existing for longer than 60 years, however this millennial has birth some of the most amazing designs that has ever been known to the fabric and thankfully all this creativity came at the nick of time.

Depending on your personal taste, you could fashion the Ankara to suit you but today we would be sharing with you some of the most surprisingly stylish yet comfortable styles. This is to encourage you to have more of the African print in your closet and to remind you that the fabric is among one of the coziest in the world.

Don’t be fooled when we say comfortable because this Ankara trends might be comfortable but they are supper trendy and we hope you find them as fascinating and inspiring as we did.


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Alexia Do Vale

Iman @ manigazer



Yvonne Ghyselinck Pearson

These Ankara trends are “Bomb” and they are definitely worth of buying or re-making…

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