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Yeah…..Thank God it’s Friday! One notable fact today is that despite recent progress in the world of plus-size fashion, there’s still much that can be incredibly improved. Although we’re seeing more plus size women in advertisements, majority of these women still don’t have the luxury of walking in and out of any store or mall with something in their sizes. This is because some of these stores or malls have some hanging racks ready to greet you with eight to ten poorly-fitting basics. This is where locally made pieces like the Ankara dresses come into play.

With our Ankara plus-size dresses, we face little or no challenge when it comes to getting them made specifically for us. Our designers have improved so much that we care less about how they are making the dresses for us because the dresses often come out well; a good market sells itself.

Remember we can rock them any day and time, considering the fact that the African soil is ours. Our traditional plus-size Ankara speaks well of us. Longing to know the fabulous Ankara plus-size dresses to rock this weekend, here are some of them;

Rock a dashiki gown with wedge heels this weekend.

Fab1 Dashiki

Dashiki gown

Hello World

Pairing an Ankara bug ban flare skirt with a matching top and D’orsay heels would do for the weekend.

Fab2 Skater skirt

Skater skirt

Simply rock your Ankara flare gown with a comfy pair of platform heels.

Fab3 flare gown

Flare gown

An Ankara collar neck dress and T-strap isn’t a bad idea for this weekend.

Fab4 Ankara denim

Collar gown

Style your Ankara button down dress with leggings and platform heels.

Fab5 Button down

Button gown

Stylishly rock your plain and pattern dress this time.

Fab6 Plane and patterned maxi

Plane and pattern

Only the stylish plus-size fashionistas understand the term ”fabulous” and rock the Ankara plus-size dresses rightly!

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