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Weddings happen every weekend, but some weddings are loader than others not because the celebrants want it so but because of the pictures that flood the internet. Over the weekend, while other weddings were happening, the #zirazira2017 was also happening and guest of the wedding were uploading pictures showing them in their fabulous styles.

The styles from the  #zirazira2017 was anything but basic, it was as if the guest got a memo that told them just how to appear to the ceremony.

You can only imagine the types of designs that flooded the hall of the wedding ceremony; colorful mixtures of the aso ebi fabric, girly addition of tulle, embroidery, frills, fringe. ruffles, mesh and lace-up details etc the mixtures are nameless to say the least. It was a wedding and a fashion event all at once.

There were tons of variations in the styles of cause, from sassy to classy, elegant to boisterous etc but one thing they all had in common was the fact that they were not ordinary.

Of course, with all this talk about how good-looking the styles were you would want to go through them at once; well darlings check out the fab ASO EBI looks from #zirazira2017;


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These aso ebi looks are fabulous, and filled with creative genuis, which one stands out for you? Tell us in the comment section below

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