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Just this weekend I was having a discussion with my friend and we were having a conversation about the flawless makeup  another friend had on and then my friend with whom I was chatting with said to me “I love the whole look but am not into eye-shadows” and I wondered why and then she says ” I guess that’s really because I’ve never been able to get it right”

That statement there is exactly the reason why a lot of people avoid using the eye-shadow palette or some basically screw it up by mixing the wrong colors. The eye-shadow application is perhaps more difficult than contouring because it can make or break your entire look. First you need to have the right palette and tools for the proper application and without this, you are left with random choices. Either way applying the eye-shadow is something anybody can do, its easier than you think but remember the first five attempts might not be smooth but with time you learn new tips and tricks that would most certainly work well for you.

With this video you don’t need to be lazy about the application of your eye-shadow, this eye-shadow tutorial for beginners is what you need to help you achieve a flawless application.

What you’ll need:

  • Eye-shadow palette
  • Primer
  • Eye-shadow brush
  • Picking brushes
  • Foundation or concealer

I hope you all have learnt a trick or two, bring out your palettes and brushes and start practicing, soon you would be a pro.

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