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While growing up as kids, gele was something of an amusement and a source of curiosity. To the adults, it is often an interesting accessory which creates a fascination towards not only its symbolism, but to its technique as well.

Gele which got its name from the Yoruba people of West Africa is not actually a hat as some people might think, but a coil of fabric wrapped on top of ones head in a designed fashion. In many African countries, this piece of attire is symbolic of several things. It serves to identify anything from her family bloodline to her social, cultural and/or marital status.

The majesty of this headdress is evident in the way the wearer carries herself. She is taller, prouder and poised. However, the technique and process for wrapping the gele varies depending on the purpose. Often times if the woman is attending a specific affair or ceremonial event, the style, color & print will play an important part. Sometimes, this headgear has the power to determine the rest of the outfit.

A beautiful gele plays no less an important role than the dress, shoes, jewelry, and makeup. Ladies who want to look perfect know that every detail is worth paying attention to which is why this gele lookbook is here for you. Want enough attention on your gele, then you should scroll through this post…


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