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How fun was your weekend? Great I guess, well mine was chilled, I didn’t have any owambe to attend but that didn’t stop me from mentally preparing for the next one by checking out the latest owambe to hit the gram. Yes guys, It really is so important to prepare for the party you would be attending why? There are so many reasons to go over but the most annoying has to be your tailor. Trust me when I tell you, tailors are kings and queens of disappointment and yes this includes the big brands too. Just recently a family was unhappy with a very big Nigerian brand for messing up their order, they had to get a last minute replacement done and that was so hurtful, costly and stressful for them. I’ve been burned by a lot of tailors and that’s why I always advise to get your aso ebi fabric to their shop weeks before the actual wedding so you can avoid stories that touch 💃.

The advise to have your aso ebi ready in time came in handy for a dear friend of mine; even though I introduced my tailor to her, I knew the woman was good but was great at delaying and so when I had to spend hours with her watching her sew a piece I was going to wear to my friends wedding the next day, even though I had given her the fabric days before, I made sure to tell my friend to give her the fabric 2 weeks earlier than schedule if not she would mess up her work and she did, she was definitely better for it.

Note that even if you give them your fabric, you have to constantly check up on them to make sure they are on it or else giving them earlier wouldn’t matter at all ❌. I hope you’ve learnt from my tailor horror story, you could share yours in the comment section below meanwhile let’s take a look at some interesting aso ebi styles from the gram.



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