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They say the Gold Coast was the region were our beloved Ankara fabric was first introduced. This of cause is a speculation however one thing that is evident is that the fabric was first introduced in west Africa before the rest of the continent and as the patterns evolved the tales the fabric tell can be traced to common folktales and beliefs of the tribes around western Africa. Ankara has now come from a rejected idea to represent the whole of Africa and what it means to be African, this material that was first introduced by the Dutch received the African marking and was never the same again – and there is no going back.

The Ankara print fabric is our own, although the brands and names differ; from Vlisco, Daviva, Real English Wax, Dutch Hollandise, Veritable Java Print, Akosombo, Dashiki, Kente, Ketenge the general name Ankara, which was derived from the capital of Turkey (why is a tale for another day) has been accepted as the general name along side African print. So don’t feel conflicted by the origin of this beautiful identity of ours, think about it, if you adopt a child and give that child your name does it make that child any less yours? The answer would fix any issues you have with accepting the Ankara fabric as Africa’s own.

Now that you have identified with the print it’s time to identify with the fashion around it. The Ankara can be used for several purposes but the most importantly,it can be worn everyday. Everyday Ankara styles are fabulous and we would be sharing some ideas below…

💚 Everyday Ankara Styles | Look Book


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