There are so many facts of life that are true for example; humans can’t fly (at least not yet), dogs can’t can’t sing and every person who wears cloth can run into difficulties; what type of difficulties you ask? Well a fashion faux pas is a typical example. Here are 5 tips that can help you steer clear of these little mishaps;

Hello World

  1. Red lipsticks are bea, literally; so whether you are heading to the supermarket in your athleisure dabbing a simple red lipstick can make you look fashion-y.
  2. Life is much more interesting if you can walk in your shoes; if you are not a heel person then wear them on the days you absolutely must if not flats and sneakers are a cool option.
  3. Fashion girls don’t like to look bland and that’s why they understand that layers make a person look much more interesting plus it’s really cute.
  4. Sometimes you need to go retro especially when you are wearing jeans, am short so most times I love to cuff my jeans it gives me a lot more attitude compared to when I live it plain and simple.
  5. Details matter a lot and sometimes you never know what these details are covering for example if you have a cool tee-shirt that you absolutely love but it’s got an un-removable stain somewhere at the edge you could simple tie a knot in the bottom. You’ll enjoy your tee and the stain is covered; problem solved.

If you didn’t know all this before, now you know.

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