Essentials For A Curvy Girl On Date Night.


Every woman wants a flattering body, and outfits that would flatter essential parts of their assets. And its more exhausting to find that when you have a date whether its with someone you just met or with your boo thang either ways we always have to impress, here are tips that would get you through a date night without so much fuss.


Skin Care

For skin care it is really important to exfoliate your face and body which includes your lips as you want them to be soft plum and kissable. Start with applying a moisture mask then create a silky body by using exfoliating gloves and a gentle scrub . The glove would make it easy to get to every hiden parts. now if you like to de-fuzz your body then go ahead and once done follow with a scented, moisturizing body wash and then spread scented fragrance all over your body to create a lasting smell.

Also apply moisturizer to your feet and hands and exfoliate your lips with baking soda and a cotton swab to create a soft, smooth canvas.


Exfoliating Gloves

Exfoliating Gloves

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For make-up consider a look that would illuminate your skin so start with a illumining primer  and then go with a liquid foundation  for a glowing and fresh effect, its the perfect base. Go for sultry, smokey eyes try out a purple and black toned palette or better still go for a bronze effect and this for all skin tone, do not fail to apply a dark eyeliner for effect. line both you upper and lower id then finish off with mascara for a dramatic effect.

Now if you don’t want that you can opt for a warmer toned make-up with pale colors or nude inspired this should give a soft romantic appearance. you could add a little bit of glitter for a much more dramatic effect.

Purple Smokey Eyes

Purple Smokey Eyes


I always advice curvy ladies to go for spanx, spanx is super important as it helps to camouflage features you wish to down play. So the perfect date night outfit for a curvy girl is a blend of trendy clothing that with or without the help of spanx would down play some certain features. use your outfit to create curves in the right places, here are some clothing options that would do just that.

1. A-line skirts

2. Full, long floor length skirt

3. Fit and flare dresses

4. Boot-cut or straight-cut pants and jeans

5.High waisted pants and pencil skirts

6. Trumpet skirts

Outfit Inspiration

Outfit Inspiration

What you should have in your purse

This part is really important so its usually best to arrange your purse before getting ready so that nothing would be left out. Here are some thing that should be found in your purse

1. Lipstick

2. A soft blush

3. Hair brush

4. Breath spray

5. Tooth Brush/Tooth paste

6. Eye shadow/Eye liner

7. Travel tube of lotion

8. Face powder ( for touch up).

Purse With Items

Purse With Items

And one last thing, don’t forget to put on your best smile.

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