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2016, we saw the debut of turbans and now 2017, it is still here in all creativity with the embellished turbans. I always love to wear some glitter and embellishment (well who doesn’t). I think a little sparkle and glitter never hurt anyone which is why we’ve got one of my favorite accessories, embellished turban.

Turbans are a season’s must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. They are custom made and beautifully designed to give elegance with any outfit (either dressed down and for any occasion). The velvet fabric which is mostly used for the turban is soft on the head and perfect for day to day use.

It was a love at first sight for me with the embellished turban and I think it’s because it is one great accessory that can finish a whole look. The artistry of the embellished turbans is very important, with wearers skillfully arranging them into eye-catching, if not flamboyant styles.

The embellished turban comes in so many forms with some like the fully velvet covered with the embellished tulle lace, and or pearl beads attached to the velvet itself. While some beaded turban comes with 2 long hands to wrap around the cap part, others just have one long wide mouth.

We can’t fully describe this beautiful piece to you, so we will show you how the fashion lovers are rocking them which is why we got the embellished turbans in pictures for you…

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Which of these turban looks is your favourite? Be sure to share it with us in the comment box.

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