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Celebrities are always one step ahead when it comes to being fashionable. They are fashion forward this means they literally start trends before it even becomes a thing and even when they do follow trends it’s more to make a better version of it than anything else. In today’s post we would have a look at elegant and edgy celebrity styles that would serve us this coming week.

Lets see what these celebrities have in store for us…

we’ve got a smiling Amanda Du Pont who looks ever so charming in a shimmering two piece set which she keeps simple. When you have sequin you really can’t do so much in terms of accessories or else you would take away from the look.


Hello World

Stephanie Coker is the queen of Slay. Every year the presenter makes a fashion statement. For this look she’s channeling the tuxedo dress trend replacing it with an over size coat with butterfly embellishment.


Well we did say the tuxedo dress is a trend as you can clearly see. Toke Malone’s looks absolutely fantastic wearing her white dress with the chicest sneaker and pretty luminous bag.


Sometimes it’s all about keeping your look easy and simple. There’s certainly no point to having too much going on and Jefilwe proves that by wearing a simple white dress, nude heel and a cute bag.


I mean, the woman is a glam goddess. Zynell can do no wrong in my eyes. She’s simply perfection personified. Most of her fashion choices are bold elegant and daring and when they are not they are eye watering and classy just like this look below.


Yes Tamar “fashion is a must have”. Let’s not even get into why it is so amazing. I love the simplicity of this look and yet it definitely is speaking to us letting us know how fantastic being fashionable is.


These are the elegant and edgy celebrity styles you should see now. What do you think? Tell us in the comment section below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Be inspired!

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