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Africa my Africa! I’m seriously in love with this unique continent. As an African, I take delight in creative innovative jewelry that hasn’t been seen before, or seen in ages. When I say creative innovative jewelry, I mean a beautiful DIY fashion project. There are lots of beautiful handmade African fabric earrings. They are a unique piece of statement jewelry and are sure to get you noticed and make you stand out from the crowd. Ankara fabric button earrings for instance, are simply covered with African fabric. They are less expensive. Well, without much confusion, here’s what I mean by Ankara fabric button earrings;


Fabric button earrings

Hello World

The following materials are what you need;

  • Cover buttons
  • Cover button mold and pusher
  • Fabric
  • Craft Glue
  • Earring posts
  • Earring backs
  • Pliers orscissors
DIY Earrings - Supplies Needed to Make Round Fabric Button Earrings


You begin by cutting out a piece of fabric that is a little bit bigger than your cover button. Then place the fabric into the cover button mold and equally place the cover button front on top of the fabric in the mold.

DIY Earrings - Ankara Fabric Round Button Earrings Tutorial

Step 1

Here, simply tuck in any excess fabric.

DIY Fabric Earrings Tutorials

Step 2

The next step involves the placing of the cover button back on top, with the back’s raised edges facing upwards. Then take the cover button pusher and press it into the back.


DIY Fabric Earrings Tutorials

Step 3

Remove the assembled button from the mold. You can use your pliers or scissors to remove the wire at the back of the button if it has one. Do this by squeezing and wiggling. Then decide where to place your earring posts.

DIy Button Earrings Tutorial

Step 4

You are meant to apply a small amount of glue to the back of the button and attach the earring post. Ensure that the earring dries and set for a few hours. Your work is complete after this process.

DIY Button Earrings - Fabric Button Earrings Jewelry Tutorial

Step 5

You are good to go. Showcase your Ankara fabric button earrings in style!

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