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When it comes to makeup products and application, some years ago we had to say it was a bit difficult to find anything that would conceal our blemishes correctly, heck there wasn’t any foundation that could fit but thanks to some beauty companies that took a step, we are no longer shade-less as there are so shades for women of color however application is another thing.

The essence of watching a makeup tutorial video is so that we can get it right. For many of us who are not beginners when it comes to our makeup application we already know which products are our best friend but this doesn’t stop us from watching a makeup tutorial video as there is always one color combination or correction method to learn.


Earth Toned Makeup

Hello World

Earth Toned Makeup 1

For beginners watching a tutorial video is a step to achieving the desire of being able to make yourself up. Indeed you are enthusiastic about the concept of being able to do your own face wherever and whenever but you must remember that there is a delicateness to this fact. Don’t be in a rush to buy products watch our makeup for beginners tutorial. Now that you have gotten a hang of that you can now proceed to this next video.

Brown girls never thought brown lippie or earth toned eye shadow was a good fit, that is until somebody made the discovery and now every brown girl finds the shade’s that best suit her skin to achieve a natural neutral look.

Below is a makeup video that teaches us how to go with a neutral brown tone, watch and learn ladies;



Earth Toned Makeup 3

Yass!!! I would definitely try this look, would you? Leave your comment in the comment section below.

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