Earrings are a woman best friend, from diamonds to strip earrings,studs,chandelier and so many. No bride should forget to wear earrings on their big day because it adds a lot of beauty and makes the attire more beautiful. Sometimes, brides get inspiration for their wedding colors from a pair of earrings. Here are few tips to follow:

1.Buy your earrings first: first you need to have the earrings you want to wear on that special day before other factors that include the color of your attire to the type of jewelry you would wear will be determined. If you already have the earrings, then the other steps would follow.

Dropping earrings

Dropping earrings

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2. .Take the earrings when you decide going shopping for the attire to wear: It is very important that when shopping for the attire you plan to put on that special day,  you take the earrings so you’re sure of the color and attire that would fit perfectly.

bead earrings

bead earrings

3.  Show your wedding designer the earrings so he or she can design something to complement the earrings: If you are going for custom made attires, it is advisable you show your fashion designer the earrings and accessories you intend to wear that special day. some might want to pair patterns that would complement the earrings and bring out the beauty.

peral bead earrings

pearl bead earrings

4. Show your event planner your earrings : Its always fun when you show your event planner your accessories so that he/ she puts the color  scheme into consideration when planning. If you are an event planner ask to see the accessories the bride and groom would wear to help with your decorations.

chandelier earrings

chandelier earrings

Some bride’s even go to the extent of matching their earrings with the groom’s cuff links. its very fun and beautiful!

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