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Makeup goes as far back as the biblical times and they says it started from the ancient Egyptians who history has shown to have being browned skin, anyways this Egyptian used to use kohl and some other thing (can’t seem to recall the name) to beautify their faces.

This goes to show that glamour did not start today, it’s very important to actually note that it started right here in mother land. As centuries changed so did make up and its application, fast forward to the millennial era where it has taken a whole new levels.

Toni Olaoye

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Toni Olaoye

While cosmetic giants found it very hard at first to re-introduce makeup into the African market, they have now discovered that the re-introduction actually worked better than they would have anticipated.

At first there were of cause errors in production since we may all be termed “black” but there are several and multiple shade to our skin and while they could achieve a perfect makeup kit for the fairer and darker skinned girls others that were shades darker or in between had a tough time getting the kits to blend appropriately.

There was also the problem of the brands being too expensive but this has all since changed as they now have correct shades and they are not as pricey as they initially were.


This beginner friendly makeup tutorial by Toni Olaoye shows you that you can makeup without spending so much money and there’s a plus, you can now makeup according to your skin tone.

Source: Toni Olaoye-YouTube

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